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  1. Making a blade in the Dozier shop
  2. Blade Prep
  3. Making a Dozier handle
  4. Finishing a Dozier handle
  5. Dozier Knives "Guide to knife sharpening"
  6. Tour of the St. Paul Shop
  7. Making of folder in St. Paul, AR





Keen Edge of Perfection
A History of the Morseth Knife

By James R Beall with Gordon Morseth Sr.



A full color collectors book on the history of Harry Morseth, Steve Morseth and the famed Morseth knives, loaded with detailed information, quality photos, and the anecdotes that could only be obtained from those who built the legend.



DMT Sharpeners


The DMT sharpeners are excellent diamond sharpeners. The base is also a valuable piece of lightweight plastic. Every base accepts both sizes so you only need one, even if you are using both the 8" and the 10" sharpeners. Each stone has two sides with different grits. We recommend the Coarse/Fine.

"With exception you will get what you pay for. If you want the best you should buy a DMT stone because of the results you will get. Why buy a cheap stone when you can spend a little more and get the best. We have used many different stones with decent results, but until we used DMT stones we didn't know what a sharp knife was." -Bob Dozier

DMT DuoSharp Double-Sided Bench Stone with Base - 8":
Extra Fine/Fine
DMT DuoSharp Double-Sided Bench Stone with Base - 10":
Extra Fine/Fine or Coarse/Fine
DMT Double-Sided Diafold:
Extra Fine/Fine or Coarse/Fine
Price - $35.00
DMT Aligner Blade Guide:
Price - $11.00
DMT Mini-Sharp Sharpener
Price - $12.00


Dozier T-Shirts



T-Shirt Front



Left Sleeve Right Sleeve



Small - X-Large: $18.00
2X-Large - 3X-Large: $21.00





Small - X-Large: $18.00
2X-Large: $21.00