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Updated: 07.29.2013

Like almost all knife makers, Bob Dozier hated leather work because he did not understand the sheath making process.

As with everything he does, Bob decided to take control and learn to be the best. Because he had always admired the sheaths of custom knife great R. W. Loveless, he went to the Loveless shop in Riverside, California, and worked with Loveless to learn the best way to cut leather. Dozier made sheath after sheath. While making those sheaths he became aware of how inadequate the existing leather cutting knives were.

To learn more about leather and about leather knives he began to attend saddle making seminars where he was able to discuss tools and techniques with the folks who worked leather every day.

Having developed concepts of what leather knives should be, Dozier began to make leather knives as they have never been made before. He put these knives in front of the greatest saddle makers in America and is now acknowledged by most of them as making the finest leather working knives they have ever held in their hand.

This website will allow you to study the leather knives that Dozier considers standard and those that have been influenced by the greatest saddle makers of the day. Bob also offers his own invention, the "Dozier Bent Blade Skiver" with a bend in the tang almost like a spatula and sharpened only on the bottom of the blade resulting in the most remarkable skiving knife ever made.

-A.G. Russell A.G. Russell Knives Rogers, Arkansas